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Hidroliksan is among the leading brands for hydraulic presses. In addition to our standard products in the segment of workshop and factory presses, we are your competent contact in the following fields:
Double cylinder presses, deep drawing presses, 4-pillar presses, C-frame presses, profile bending presses and all kinds of hydraulic presses.

Our yearlong experience and the competence of our parent company in Turkey enables us to make you custom-made and optimal offers according to your needs.

On the following pages you will find information about our company and our products as well as referential companies, that already use our presses.

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  • What is possible?

    We are there for you in Gelsenkirchen, in the heart of the Ruhr area. Visit our showroom, speak to us about your wishes and assure yourself of the quality of our products and the competence of our staff. Thanks to the central position we can visit our customers in short time to get a detailed picture of your needs for apress.

  • How long will an offer take?

    You will generally receive an offer in short time. If there is need for further enquiries with our producers it can take a couple of days. But we're always trying to keep the waiting time down to a minimum

  • How long is the delivery period?

    The delivery of presses from our warehouse takes only a couple of days. Standard presses, that have to be ordered in Turkey, can of course taker longer time. Special wishes and more complex presses or special builds can elongate the delivery period further. We can tell you the approximate delivery time when making an offer. Just ask!

  • What costs will arise?

    Of course there are fixed rates for our standard presses. But since 80% of our products are custom-made, we normally make a detailed offer, which tells you the exact price of a press.


Hidroliksan Germany Presses & Industrial Machinery was founded in 2013, to give German-speaking customers faster and more flexible access to information concerning the presses of Hidroliksan and to enable them to get a German-speaking contact partner. Furthermore, Germany as a location for business guarantees security in the questions of continuity and service.

Our company is based in Gelsenkirchen-Resse, easy to reach close to several highways (A2, A40, A42). There is enough parking space. We would like to meet you in our showroom with advance notice.

Since the beginning of 2013, we are also present in Brasil with an office in Porto Alegre. The Company name in Brasil is HIDROLIKSAN  PRENSAS HIDRÁULICAS. There are constantly multilingual staff (german, english, portuguese).

In Portugal, we have several resellers. We will gladly tell you the contacts on request.

Thanks to the close cooperation with our construction department in Turkey we can guarantee short time for the issuing of offers for standard and custom-made presses, as well as the production according to your detailed wishes and needs. (Request form)

This close cooperation enables us to build complicated presses according to the specifications of our customers, as well as short delivery time.

If you wish, we can assist you with the search for competent funding partners. A close cooperation with several renowned leasing banks is self-evident for us.

You can get a picture of the quality of our presses on the German trade fairs for machinery (e.g. METAF, EUROMOLD, EUROBLECH) and international trade fairs in several countries (e.g. FEIMAFE + MERCOPAR in Brasil + EMAF in Porto/Portugal). There we are available in several different languages.

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The production of Hidroliksan-presses was begun in 1980 by Halim Usta in Konya in the heart of Turkey.

From the beginning the company was specialized in hydraulic presses, that were and are constantly developed further.

The modern presses are the product of 30 years of experience and intensive redesigning for always new challenges.

Hidroliksan belongs to the leading brands in all kinds of hydraulic presses.

Around 80% of our presses are custom-build according to the specifications of our customers. Long experience, constant redevelopment and precise production guarantee an optimal faultless result.

Approximately 50% of our production is exported in many countries all around the world.

We can refer to satisfied customers in Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Australia and many more countries

Our presses are build according to the European CE-norm and the norm ISO 9001:2000

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